Express Tech

Express Tech is a team of retail, technology, service and solutions experts. We have aligned ourselves and our company with the mission and vision of top-tier technology brands to simplify and streamline technology for use in personal and business applications.

ZAGG Franchise

The ZAGG Franchise is a national network of retail stores selling industry-leading phone accessories by ZAGG brands, including InvisibleShield, mophie, braven, IFROGZ, Gear4, and HALO. In addition to selling accessories, ZAGG stores are InvisibleShield Authorized Warranty and Installation Centers meaning broken screen protectors may be swapped out and warrantied at ZAGG locations.

CPR Franchise

The CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise is among the largest retail mobile repair franchises in the world. With nearly 500 stores as part of their global service network, the Franchise provides phone, tablet, computer, and game console repairs across the United States, Canada, and beyond. In addition to repairs, CPR sells certified pre-owned phones and industry-leading phone accessories.

K-12 Tech Repairs

The K-12 Tech Repair Franchise serves as a network of local technology experts for school districts across the country. Not only does the franchise repair school-owned technology like iPads, Chromebooks, and PCs, but it also offers insurance policies and a unique Repair Class to teach students technical skills.