Franchise and Retail Consulting

Retail Channel Partners has vast experience in both franchise business operations and multi-unit retailing. To grow a retail or franchise concept, the experience of experts can help an entrepreneur, a product manufacture or a service provider to avoid common mistakes and accelerate growth of a business opportunity.  This experience has helped our current partners and can help to grow new and emerging business concepts.

General Business Development and Strategy

Our team has tenured experience in developing business strategy and business growth and development.  Aligning with the right partners at the opportune time can help your business launch prior to other competitors.  Choosing the right strategy can also be vital to success as you contemplate both the timing and key decisions on business fundamentals.

Brand and Product Strategy Consulting

Understanding the differentiation and value of brand and product is critical to the success of a business.  The team at Retail Channel Partners has tremendous experience of developing, growing and leveraging brands.  Brand value, strategy and growth can be the difference of the speed of growth of your business.  The team also has experience in global product strategy, product IP and product performance.

Operational Execution and Optimization

Fundamental to the success of any franchise, retail, e-commerce or omnichannel business is the ability to focus on the items that are most relevant and those that optimize a process or the financial performance of a business.  Based on years of personal experience, the team at Retail Channel Partners can help develop operational metrics and processes to help you optimize performance and realize the true potential of a business.


Your Roadmap to Success

Let Retail Channel Partners develop a roadmap to success and guide you along your journey.


Collaborate on Your Bright Idea

We’ll collaborate and help you determine how you can position your franchise for growth.


The Domino Effect

Notice the pieces start falling into place as we build momentum and grow your brand.

We Partner Closely with You

Partnering with Retail Channel Partners accelerates growth and maximizes your brand’s potential.

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